(1) YES. Harry would be the pregnant type to spend all day online researching health drinks that helps the baby's brain development and then every morning he has his kale, carrot, and gooseberry smoothie. and then he signs up for yoga classes to strengthen his pelvic floor muscles ("you can do that with orgasms too you know" "louis i am giving the baby a core-enhancing and social experience").


(2, continued…) and you just /know/ that harry signs up for birthing classes which teach pain-management and labour techniques and of course he drags louis along as well. he tries to make the other boys come to the classes too, reminding them that “if you want to be the godfather you have to be there for the birth you know”. anne, jay, and gemma throw harry a massive baby shower and they talk about nappy rashes and the important of emotional attachment over tea and biscuits…

(3…) Harry is absolutely NOT that pregnant person who cries about being ‘fat’ because he knows (and is so proud) that he is carrying a little life inside of him - his louis’ baby - and this bub needs to grow big and strong before its ready to bless the world with its presence. and now that the baby has started kicking, harry falls asleep to louis’ face next to his belly, hands on his tummy, singing “you’ll be in my heart” so that their their princess knows she’s loved forever and always…

(4…) but louis has always been the carefree one in the group right? but all of a sudden he sees his little girl (their beautiful angel) and he’s overcome by this sense of duty to protect and care for her forever (“i’d like to see some little punk /try/ and ask her out” “louis she’s three days old” “and??”). harry loves his family so much. and harry is that dad that buys pink boggles and bow clips to put in her hair and dress her in spotted cardigans. OMG SCIENCE NEEDS TO HURRY UP ALREADY!!! (fin)

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